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Top 10 Electric Vehicle Solution Companies in APAC - 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the sales of petroleum vehicles worldwide, but EVs have recorded a surge in sales. A positive effect of COVID-19 is that more people have started to care about the environment, potentially accelerating the mass adoption of EVs. With businesses and consumers increasingly recognizing and beginning to embrace hybrid electric vehicles into the fleet portfolio, it is helping address sustainability and environmental goals. As environmental regulations will become more binding over the next decade, many fleets are recognizing that a staged procurement strategy will enable them to support efficient operations and business continuity.

Many automotive businesses themselves are now looking at procuring partners specialized in custom parts of the vehicle. Instead of building everything in-house, they are strengthening their capacity through strategic partnerships, including the procurement of components ranging from battery packs to the tiniest piece of the vehicle. At the same time, to charge electric two-wheeler vehicle or a truck, companies are remoulding the traditional electric cars. 3D printing, on the other hand, is reducing the time-to-market for electric vehicle companies at an unprecedented speed. Finally, with the expectation of widespread adoption and implementation of the 5G network, it is now expected that many EV manufacturers will focus their efforts and investment in autonomous driving.

At this juncture, electric vehicle companies with advanced and integrated offerings are on the rise. To help agencies strengthen their operations capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the sector, Auto Tech Outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 electric vehicle companies in APAC. The list comprises prominent enterprises in the industry that address challenges in the electric vehicle domain by implementing current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Auto Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Electric Vehicle Solution Companies in APAC – 2021.”

    Top Electric Vehicle Solution Companies in APAC

  • Supporting the transition into a greener future is A-PRO. This company develops and manufactures core equipment for the activation process, which is critical in secondary battery production by utilizing power conversion circuit technology, battery inspection technology, and other software technologies. The company’s goal is to become a leading company in the future energy solution business based on expertise and knowledge over the past decades. Today, the company has entered into the secondary battery industry through bidirectional power conversion circuit technology after going through the growth period in the components industry and the preparation period in the LCD inspection equipment industry

  • AFMG is a leading engineering service outsourcing (ESO) solution provider for the EV industry. With its multi-use outsourcing platform for new model development, which covers ideation, interior and exterior design, advanced engineering, simulation and pre-production prototyping, AFMG assists automakers in new model development. The Group also conducts R&D in mobility technology that can transform the industry. With its multi-use outsourcing platform for new model development, the company covers ideation, interior and exterior design, advanced engineering, simulation and pre-production prototyping, in turn empowering automotive manufacturers to reduce the time to market of EVs substantially

  • Since its establishment in 1988 as an energy storage solution provider, Corun has come a long way. In its longstanding journey, Corun has always put hybrid power as the core of everything it has. In fact, the company has even established a full-industry chain from advanced energy storage materials, advanced battery, automobile battery energy pack to hybrid automobile assembly system, battery recycling system and hybrid automobile operations to serve the vehicle manufacturers. Today, at the behest of its patented technology, the company has cemented its position in the energy storage industry. Over the years, Corun has successfully promoted lean management and intelligent manufacturing based on integrated Industry 4.0 standards

  • Being a predominant player in the Electric Vehicle (EV) space since 2012, SINBON has today become a major supplier of EV charging cables. This includes the high voltage cables attached to the charging inlets for major automakers, and powerful electrical systems designed to manage high capacity power units. SINBON aims to provide complete customized EV charging solutions to its customers, including AC & DC charging cable, which could be customized with European, American, and Chinese standards. To elucidate, SINBON’s European standard DC Charging Cable increases the speed of household charging to the next level

  • SVOLT supports automobile manufacturers in creating safer, high-performance, durable and cost-effective batteries that also focus on the needs and expectations of end consumers. SVOLT’s expertise lies in ‘all things batteries’—from cells to battery packs, and offers an extensive product portfolio to its customers in the automotive industry. This includes high-quality battery cells and their cell chemistry, modules and high-voltage storage systems (packs), as well as battery management system (BMS) and software solutions

  • As one of China’s leading smart vehicle companies, XPeng Motors is committed to design, develop, manufacture, and market smart EVs. Co-founded by Tao HE and Heng XIA, both former senior executives of Guangzhou Automobile Group, the company seamlessly integrates advanced Internet, AI, and autonomous driving technologies into its electric vehicles. XPeng Motors aligns its production units according to the Industry 4.0 standards. Its central Zhaoqing manufacturing base contains workshops, welding stations, battery assembly line, and covering stamping that are equipped with advanced manufacturing execution systems and real-time production monitoring units. Based on such transparent manufacturing processes, XPeng Motors brings to the table two robust EV models namely G3 and P7

  • Chargefox


    Chargefox is Australia’s largest and fastest growing EV charging network, committed to making charging simple, affordable and fast for all Aussies because simpler charging means more EVs on the road, and that’s a very good thing. Since we launched, the company managed more than 180,000 charging sessions on over 1,700 plugs across Australia and New Zealand and someone plugs into the Chargefox network once every 5 minutes

  • EN Plus

    EN Plus

    Shenzhen EN Plus Technologies Co., Ltd. is one, technique innovative company dedicated to EV charging industry, with its headquarter located in Shenzhen, China. Through continuous technical innovation and marketing accumulation, EN+ has grown to be a professional supplier for EV charging facility and solutions, capable of independent development from product design to product delivery

  • Lumen Freedom

    Lumen Freedom

    The Lumen Group is a leading integrator of automotive systems. Lumen offers a full-service supply capability from design, through to manufacturing on a global basis. With over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, Lumen is known for being highly efficient and flexible in meeting customer’s needs

  • Tritium


    Founded in 2001, Tritium designs and manufactures proprietary hardware and software to create advanced and reliable DC fast chargers for electric vehicles. Tritium’s compact and robust chargers are designed to look great on Main Street and thrive in harsh conditions, through technology engineered to be easy to install, own, and use. Tritium is focused on continuous innovation in support of its customers around the world

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