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Top 10 Electric And Hybrid Vehicle Technology Solutions Companies in Apac - 2022

Cars and other forms of transport are transcending from the fossil fuel realm to a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly powered automobile world. Pertinent to this transformation, automobile manufacturers are scrambling with battery and sensor makers to address the electric vehicle syndrome that is quickly catching on across the Asian continent. Feature-rich, these vehicles offer commuters route mapping, distance meters and driver-assist options and are regarded as the future of public and private transport. As with any other market that uses technology, though, players in the autonomous vehicle space are marred by the high cost and shortage of components required to make final production a reality.

Clear of the challenges that automobile manufacturers face, our team at Auto Tech Outlook APAC delved into the autonomous vehicle technology market to find the perfect partners that can help in bringing the vehicles to the consumer market. Located in Hangzhou, China, Sator Tech is one such company to be featured in the Top 10 Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Solution providers APAC edition of the magazine. An EV charging solutions developer, Sator Tech provides distributed energy storage and charging solutions to the electrical energy consumption by traditional car OEMs.

In addition, the magazine also host insights from industry veterans, Rick Winick, VP and General Manager, Honeywell Mobile Refrigerants; Hannes Prenn, Executive VP and CEO of Marelli Electric Powertrain Business, and Mark Sutton, VP Engineering APAC, Adient, on the current standards to follow while building electric and hybrid vehicles.

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    Top Electric And Hybrid Vehicle Technology Solutions Companies in Apac

  • EVolution has proven itself to be an expert in regard to EV charger, EVSE, J1772, EV cable, wall chargers, and portable chargers

  • 3ME Technology

    3ME Technology

    3ME Technology has over 15 years of experience in e-mobility and battery systems. They have a diverse and rapidly growing team of high-performance 3ME Technologists including operational experience in the industries they serve

  • Applied EV

    Applied EV

    Founded in 2015 the team seeks to improve global transport solutions, Applied EV combines heritage in automotive innovation with software development and deep robotics capability

  • A-PRO


    A-PRO is a key company that supplies battery manufacturing equipment for secondary batteries to the world. Based on power conversion and control technology, they are a supplier that provides an integrated solution required for battery application fields such as electric vehicles and e-Mobility

  • Haidi Energy

    Haidi Energy

    Haidi Eneray is one of the leading lithium battery manufacturer and high-tech company in China. They specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of the lithium iron phosphate(LiFeP04) batteries and lithium ion(NMC) batteries

  • Kokam


    As a globally acknowledged battery manufacturer and battery solution provider, Kokam Co., Ltd has developed customer-centered, reliable, safe, high performing and eco-friendly solution

  • NExT-e Solutions

    NExT-e Solutions

    They contribute to the spread of e-mobility and the expansion of the introduction of renewable energy with advanced battery control technology

  • PUES Corporation

    PUES Corporation

    Pues researches, develops, manufactures, and evaluates electric drive and control systems for automobiles. They provides high-performance and high-quality products for electric vehicles according to the company's needs

  • Superpack Technology

    Superpack Technology

    Guangdong Superpack Technology Co., Ltd. , an Integrated Superpack possesses technologies and experiences to provide fully-integrated products & solutions for lithium-ion based green energy applications, including Medical Device, E-mobility, Energy Storage System, Defence & Security, Industrial Electronics and many other more applications

  • Yanekara


    Yanekara is a company that provides a power supply and demand adjustment system that is essential for the large-scale introduction of renewable energy, centered on electric vehicle (EV) charging and discharging technology

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